Fascination of Bergland-Parkett with Grander – Water

Based on the principle of water revitalization and named after its discoverer, the Tyrolean Johann Grander, Grander Technology is both fascinating simple, and for the layman, easy to comprehend.

This process produces an effect called revitalization during which the structure and information contained in the water molecules are reactivated. Thus, the elixir of life called water, regains its natural purity, and its power and energy are revitalized.

The vitalization effect has been proven by the positive results of international supporters even though, from a scientist’s, physician’s or chemist’s point of view it still can`t be explained clearly.
Wood & Water – the synergetic effects of natural elementary forces

For its production of high-quality parquet floors, Bergland-Parkett relies with success on the use of the worldwide acknowledged Grander Technology.

Bergland-Parkett exploits this revitalization effect in the processing of the natural material of wood, where natural elementary forces bouncing off each other, form an animated synthesis of the feeling of well being and quality of life.

A unique result affecting both your residential zone and area of living. Bergland-Parkett, the natural beauty of wood combined with the revitalization effect of Grander-Water, to produce topquality parquet floors that are both exquisite and fascinating at the same time.

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