C O U N T R Y   H O U S E   F L O O R I N G


Only particularly selected types of wood own the necessary characteristics for the sorting „Auslese“. Due to the marvelously, essentially knot-free selection and the simple grain, this program represents a genuine rarity for wood lovers. 


In this sorting we make sure, that there is a well-balanced, visual harmony between the natural grain as well as the colour of the wood, and the amount of natural occurring knots.


In the sorting „Design“, the interaction between the lively structure and a well-balanced amount of knots ensures a visually appealing overall picture. A natural floor, which attracts attention not only because of its natural beauty.


Due to a specific steaming procedure, the Ash receives a brown colour. Because of an especially matching surface treatment with brushing and black oil|wax, this sorting obtains a special touch and its handling is very easy.


Due to the special surface treatment, the parquet receives a peculiar colour and a lively character. The numerous knots in this sorting lend the parquet its natural appearance.


A supremely lively, partially very knotty floor, with differences in colour and structure. The patina colour as well as the natural and with varying intensity occurring wormholes lend the parquet an antique appearance.


First love - first apartment - first choice. Bergland-Parkett „Kreativ“. The young parquet for young demands. This sorting is also convincing by its low construction height while retaining the quality of the floor. Additionally, this program is perfectly suitable as renovation parquet.


The classical installation pattern, which has already been used in royal houses at the turn of the century. With the different variants of plank floorings of Bergland-Parkett you can bring this flair into your home.

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