Oil | Wax – Seven-fold quality sealing - untreated

Perfect surface sealing - to protect your parquet floor and to improve its durability. The Bergland-Parkett surface treatment is the best protection for your parquet flooring. Depending on the field of application, Bergland-Parkett offers a broad range of surface treatments that shape the appearance of the wood and provide for a healthy living.
Oil | Wax

This surface treatment especially highlights the streak of the wooden floor and gives the intensity of colours a very special atmosphere. In order to preserve this appearance, please use the Bergland-Parkett care products – feel the nature. At Oil|Wax surfaces is recommended a first care after the installation. For structured and beveld boards, you should do this.
Seven-fold quality sealing

The remarkable elasticity of our seven-fold quality sealing ensures the extreme high abrasion and scratch resistance. In keeping with the quality class "Much used floors", our seven-fold sealing offers the best possible multiple protection. As a result of a special application procedure, the lacquer penetrates deeply into the wood, forming a constantly elastic and highly resistant surface. This considerably prolongs the durability of your parquet flooring.
Maximum safety

According to the legal requirements and guidelines, Bergland-Parkett floors correspond to the classifications “Cfl – s1" fire retardant and low smoke emission and thus, fulfil the requirements for commercial applications and top floor extensions.