A W A R D   W I N N I N G   and   E C O  -  L O G I C A L

PEFC controlled. Our company’s first priority and philosophy is the commitment to a particularly high ecological standard of our products. That’s why we only purchase raw materials from sustainably managed domestic forests. Produced, while undergoing regular quality controls, in a strict ecological manner, our parquet flooring is a natural, first grade product, based on the incomparably robust 3-layer construction made of one and the same hardwood.
FRAUNHOFER tested. The basis of our products is exclusively high-grade hardwood timber. During the production process, we only use ecological materials free from toxic substances and solvents.

The high quality of our products is also underlined by the rating “ecologically particularly valuable” of the Fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut, the leading institute for international research in Germany.
GRANDER revitalised. The well-known consumer magazine ├ľko-Test, the German Eco-test magazine, recently awarded Bergland-Parkett the highest possible mark, a “very good”. Prefinished parquet flooring from European manufacturers of high repute has been tested as to its pollutant emission and its mechanical durability.

An average room temperature of 20 – 22°Celsius and an air humidity of 50 – 60 % provide for an optimum and healthy indoor climate for people and wood. All these factors combine to guarantees a naturally ecological lifestyle and pure joy for many years to come. Our parquet is treated with revitalized Grander water.

THE ORIGINAL - all by hand from a tradition

Quality by tradition since more then 100 years. From the raw material supplier "forest" directely to packing at BERGLAND these process operations are in one hand. Through steady learning processes the quality which characterizes BERGLAND arose.

A love of the material, experience and observation over long time periods are crucial right from the selection of wood up to completion of the final product. Through our long time experiences we personally know every growth-territory of our raw material.

Every single trunk is classified from our employees. Therefore we know where the raw material for your Bergland-Parkett grew. For Bergland-Parkett it´s important, that the raw materials is used from forests which underlie an angoing silvicultural land use and a controlled stock-use happens. So the forest can ongoing be used for centuries.

SLIPPERY CLASS. Because of the special surface Bergland-Parkett reaches the skid resistance class R9. This is the reason, why our products are suitable for use in public builidngs are fulfill the requirements.


How much impressed our Bergland-Parkett the professional world, surley proves best the fact that we have for this innovative product with the First Award in the category "product development" of the research promotion Fund of the trade economy in Austria have been awarded.

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