S O L I D   H A R D W O O D  and  P R E-F I N I S H E D
P A R Q U E T at the same time

3  L A Y E R S  O F  T H E  S A M E  H A R D W O O D

Thanks to innovative engineering techniques, Bergland-Parkett is the first manufacturer to create a high-grade 3-layer solid parquet flooring made of one and the same hardwood. This technique allows Bergland-Parkett to combine all advantages of solid and pre-finished parquet flooring in one product.
S O L I D  and  P R E-F I N I S H E D

Due to the exceptional construction of Bergland-Parkett, which has been the recipient of awards, it has been possible to reduce swelling and shrinkage coefficients by up to 70 % as against solid wood. The solid construction and the fact of the parquet being well-set into the substrate contribute to a substantial improvement of the acoustic insulation.

normally parquet
Bären-quality 7-fold sealing
T E C H N I C A L   D E T A I L S
1. Ecological surface oil wax, 7-fold
quality sealing or unfinished
2. approx. 5 mm top layer for maximum durability
even in case of heavy use
3. approx. 5 mm cross layed lamellas for optimum stability
4. approx. 5 mm underlayer made of the same hardwood as the top layer and the cross layed lamellas
5. High-grade gluing 100 % free of toxic substances
and eco friendly
6. by CE guidelines produced
U S E  and  I N S T A L L A T I O N

Bergland-Parkett wood flooring is composed of three layers of the same hardwood, presenting a total thickness of 15 mm or 10,7 mm (collection “Kreativ”). The advantage of this 3-layer construction is that the parquet flooring is particularly hard-wearing and dimensionally stable. Furthermore it is eminently suitable for both floating and for glued installation (10,7 mm wood needs to be glued because of the norms). Except for a few wood species, all Bergland-Parkett floorings are suited to be installed on a radiant floor heating, considering the specific laying instructions of the manufacturer.

F R O N T   E D G E   G L U E I N G

Thanks to the special manufacturing processes developed by Bergland-Parkett, it is now possible to glue the “front edges” of the 2-strip plank flooring elements, a new procedure in addition to the well-known “side edge glueing”. In consequence, protection against moisture is considerably improved and long lasting stability ensured.

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