C O M P A N Y  -  o n c e   a n d   n o w

Quality by tradition for more than 100 years. A life with wood, the natural, living material that reveals its secrets only to those who study it intensely over a long period of time.
This constant learning process led to the high quality which characterizes Bergland-Parkett today.
The love of the material, the experiences and the observations made over a long period of time are crucial for the selection of the wood up to the finished product. And this is critical for the timeless beauty and durability of a product made for generations.

How much Bergland-Parkett impesses the experts can be shown best with the fact that the Austrian Research Promotion Fund honoured our innovative product with the first prize in the category "product development".

T H E   L U X U R Y   C L A S S

Since more than 100 years, Bergland-Parkett deals with the valuable raw material wood.

Due to intense studies and continuous learning processes, we were able to develop highly innovative production methods contributing to the company’s present reputation for premium quality products - far beyond national borders.

Bergland-Parkett is the first manufacturer to create a 3-layered solid parquet flooring made of one and the same hardwood and thus combines all advantages of solid and pre-finished wood flooring in one product – Solid hardwood and pre-finished parquet flooring at the same time.

Permanent investments in excellent and motivated employees as well as in modern production methods are core to our philosophy: the striving for highest quality. In this way, Bergland-Parkett is able to produce parquet floorings of lasting value that you can enjoy for decades.

Thomas Amashaufer
Managing Director