E V E R Y    I N C H    T H E    S A M E    H A R D W O O D

With innovative technology, Bergland-Parquet was the first producer to produce a 3-layered solid parquet made of the same hardwood, thus combining all the advantages of solid and finished parquet in one product.

Perfectly combines the advantages of solid and pre-finished parquet floor by the 3-strips of the same hardwood

Our products are produced 100 % pollutant-free for a guaranteed healthy living

Glued or  floating  installation possible also on underfloor heating systems, except beech nature

7-fold quality sealing with anti-scratch
surface or ecological oil|wax surface

Plank flooring types “Klassiker” and “Trend-Epoca” are produced with front and side edge gluing

Our products have a useful top layer with approx. 5 mm for a very long useful life of your parquet

High stability and point loading due to its 3-layered massive wood construction made of the same hardwood - no hollow sound

Thanks to its durability, it guarantees maximum cost effectiveness and highest value

Offers as a free feature "Cfl – s1" fire retardant and low smoke emission