T R E E   o f   t h e   Y E A R   -   A L D E R   s t e a m e d  

The alder belongs to the birch plants. No native tree species is best placed to thrive on wet soil and thereby secure the riversides and waters. The special thing about the alder is, that after the cut, new shoots grow again on the round timber.

It is also said that the alder has beneficial properties. The book "The gentile medicine of the trees" published a letter from a tyrolean beekeeper, describing his experiences with alder wood for humans and bees. Not like humans, bees feel well on negative earth rays and water veins. Bees would leave beehives made out of alder wood. Humans, on the other hand, would stay on a floor of alder.

Wood and water - The interaction of nature forces. In the case of Bergland-Parkett, the alder is steamed with lively Grander water and a warm reddish tint gives the room a certain harmony and lightness. Like all Bergland-Parkett products, the alder is also produced as a solid prefinished parquet made of 3 layers from the same hardwood, only with ecological materials. Thanks to the 3 layers of the same hardwood construction, the noise protection improves considerably and avoids a hollow sound. Simply unique design and award-winning technology.

approx. 5 mm useful layer for heavy use
Middle- and underlayer each 5 mm from Alder for the best stability
3 layer gluing with D3 white glue without solvents
Optionally surfaces - oil | wax - 7-times varnished - untreated

Installing floating or glueing possible
Underfloor heating suitable
3 layer solid construction for  maximale saftey in terms of fire protection Cfl-s1

Bergland-Parkett, buys the raw materials 100 % from sustainably managed forests from Lower Austria. The material processed in our own sawmill and parquetry - from the round timber to the prefinished parquet. The 3 layer hardwood construction of our alder parquet is unique worldwide. 

For 1-strip country house floor or the 2-strip plank floor alder steamed, the prices are valid, recommended retail prices including VAT, valid for all participating retailers.

ALDER Price information