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Hotel Scandic Stockholm

Even beyond the borders of Austria, the premium quality of Bergland-Parkett fascinates through its natural beauty The philosophy of Bergland-Parkett that consists in creating a solid and pre-finished parquet flooring in one product and thus, ensuring excellent reliability, is also convincing for international large scale projects such as at the Hotel Scandic in Stockholm, where the impressive photos were taken at Scandic. Has been installed smoked oak herringbone.


Famous museums, theatres, concert halls and opera houses up to the illustrious Endemol Studios show their quality awareness and taste by a stylish floor design: Bergland-Parkett – the especially precious wood flooring from Austria.

Selection from our references

Bank Bär

The renowned bank Bär in Switzerland, active since the 1890s, had its premises refined by the Austrian quality product from Bergland-Parkett. What originally started as a small bureaus was quickly expanded to include asset management as well as securities and foreign exchange trading.

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Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, it´s wonderful to welcome you. Please come in and have a look around. Les Trois Rois is one of Europe’s oldest city hotels and exudes the charm and elegance of a historic grand hotel. It goes without saying that our luxury establishment offers everything that you as a discerning guest are entitled to expect from a hotel in the five-star category. All in the heart of Basel, in the centre of the Old Town and on the banks of the Rhine.

There are many tales to tell about Les Trois Rois. The guest book reads like a “Who’s who” of world history. Napoleon, Elizabeth II, Pablo Picasso, Thomas Mann and many other leading figures have enjoyed the hotel’s legendary hospitality. And this will remain so as long as the Three Kings adorn the facade: Basel’s Grand Hotel will continue to be a home from home for many famous guests.

In the Hotel Le Trois Rois, the smoked oak of Bergland-Parkett is installed in the presidentialsuite and also in the fitnessroom.

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Castle Thalheim

The castle named “Thalheim” in Lower Austria was built in the 17. century. The foundation stone for the old castle with three levels and a farm building was laid in the year 1600. Historic walls, impressive ambience and top enjoyment can be found at the castle Thalheim. The historic place with all the buildings and the castle chapel, gently was awackend and restored with love for details. The castle is located in the geografical middle of Lower Austria, ingrained in the wonderful landscape, surrouded from very old forests.

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FH Wieselburg

The FH Wieselburg. Study, research and founding on the creative campus in Wieselburg. Sustainability, innovation and marketing are on the program here. Bachelor and master studies are offered.

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Humanic Store Linz

The Humanic shoe store in Linz uses Bergland-Parkett on its sales levels. Oak City Star Ambiente Bergland-Point alpine white and smoked oak design herringbone were used.

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Private Clients

Also private clients appreciate Bergland-Parkett very much. Unique in sorting, unique in the very special construction of 3 layers of the same hardwood, unique in it´s special surfaces. A product where it´s very much taken care of the use of the right raw material. Only harmless, ecological raw material is used. The hardwood is bought nearby, so the transport is not too long. At the production and the transport, Bergland-Parkett very much takes care of the environment.

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Hótel Dahm Luxemburg

The traditional hotel dahm is located in the middle of the “Luxemburger Ardennen”. Since the 19th century it offers standardized lodging to commercial travelers. Now it was entirely redesigned and renovated.

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tradition & modernity
There is a special story about Stiegenhaushof. At the new built distillery they produce Schnaps out of apples, pears and plums from their own garden. The masterwort-schnaps is a special product and well known. Masterwort is a medical plant and the main ingredient of this Schnaps is dug out at the alpine pasture of a mountain called Ahorn.

Distillery in Maria Theresia Style
In 1800 the austrian queen Maria Theresia lent the rights to produce Schnaps to integrated, hardworking and decent farmer. This right allowed the production of 300 L alcohol and the buying of fruits from austria.

In this case the rights of Maria Theresia where given to the old distillery.

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Beta Hotel

Objects and public buildings require special high standards. The robust construction of Bergland-Parkett guarants perfect stability- also at extreme load. Because off the quality surface, the parquet is very much stress-resistant.
Due to the special construction the products of Bergland-Parkett meet the classification “Cfl – s1” Fire behaviour “flame retardant” and smoke development “low smoke”. The best requirement for an optimal use at objects.

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Bar Linde

Due to the special features Bergland-Parkett can be installed in every area of operations. With the slippery class R9 our products fulfill all requirements for public buildings, pubs, bars, schools, hotels, etc.

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